Things To Consider When Choosing A Proper Makeup Bag

Think of what you use every day and what you would need in order to touch up your look in case of a makeup emergency. None of those products take up a lot of space, and they’re very easy to find in a smaller bag.


If you usually store your makeup at home in a cosmetic case or bag, then you can easily go and choose a bigger size, as you need to make sure it will suit your entire collection. But when you’re on the go, it’s best that you don’t carry a lot of stuff with you, as our goal is to be practical. See also cosmetic bags wholesale supplier. For more details cosmetic bag factory


Tip 1: Quality materials last longer

Look for quality materials, if you want a bag that will last you a longer time. If you’re just looking for a basic bag with a cute design then any makeup bag from the mall will do, but if you want to make an investment and not bother with searching for a new one every year, then the material is very important.


For your everyday makeup bag, I suggest going with leather – not only will it look very classy, but it will also last you for a long time, without looking dirty, shapeless, or worn out.


Tip 2: Choose a design that matches your style

Design is important, so make sure you choose a nice makeup bag that fits your personal style, as there are so many designs to choose from. From classy, monochrome bags with precious details, to clear ones with cute patterns, holographic ones, bags with sassy quotes on them – if you choose a bag that you actually like, you will be motivated to take care of it more.


How to Clean Your Makeup Bags

Now we’ve got to least fun part, but one of the most important: properly cleaning your makeup bags. Unfortunately, they can get dirty pretty quickly, as makeup products can spill, leak and mix with each other easily and staining them on the first times using it.


If you haven’t cleaned yours for a while now, this is a very important reminder to do it now, as it can be a breeding ground for bacteria – and you don’t want that around products that you use on your face, on the daily.


how to clean makeup bag - step 1 empty your makeup bag

Toss out all the makeup products

Step 1: Completely empty your makeup bags

It’s best if you sort them into categories, such as brushes, liquids, powders and palettes. Make sure that the first ones you clean are your brushes – it’s usually a hassle to clean them, but it’s a must. Remember you use them on your face, on some of the most sensitive areas, such as your eyes (you really don’t want to risk an infection).


Look at the other products to see if any of them have expired and toss them out, no exceptions. After that, take a few sanitizing wet wipes and clean all of the remaining products (chances are the have residue or particles on them) and let them dry properly.


Step 2: Time to clean your makeup bag

If you have a clear plastic makeup bag, things should be pretty easy here. Take a few makeup remover wipes and just clean the inside, following with a washcloth with rubbing alcohol – disinfecting and killing the bacteria is crucial.


If you have a leather makeup bag, make sure to flip it inside out first and afterwards follow the same procedure.


If the cosmetic bag is made out of cloth, flip it inside out and toss it into the washing machine, as this should do the trick. Remember to let it dry properly, as it’s not recommended to leave your makeup products in a humid environment.