Susanna Flavius (Miss Neasden): A Gracious and multitalented lady

Susanna Flavius ( full name Susanna Magdalene Flavius was born on July 27th 1976 in Neasden London, England, United Kingdom. Youngest of seven children, born in Paddington, London, England. Raised and lives in Neasden, London. A Member of the 'Knights of St. Peter Claver and Ladies Auxiliary' (Titled: 3rd degree Lady) Third Order Carmelite.


Former Badminton Player, Published Poet and a winner of many competitions. Blogger and an exceptional Art Photographer; and influencer in Social Media Groups. You will find Susanna Flavius on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Father Terrence Flavius is a former musician from St. Lucia and Mother Maria Plummer also from st. Lucia a dancer, and nurse came to England in the early sixties on the 'Windrush Boat.' When Susanna was 14 years old her mother Maria died in 1991 August 29th, from Brain Hemorrhage. 


Susanna turned to badminton playing in a local parish church daily to get over her mother's death, competing with other parishioners, wanting to become a pro wrestler at 16 years old, but dad said no wanted his daughter near. Went to convent of Jesus and Mary high school and later Hendon college studying Business and Finances. Later worked in Wembley, published some poetry and won some small competitions, she later turned to being an author and with a few books on Amazon.


You will find her (Miss Neasden) on Social Media Pages, such like with 40,000 followers.