How To Fix A Folding Treadmill Belt - 3 Steps To Do It

It seems that treadmill belt can be easily twisted and bent when using the device. So, if you have a foldable treadmill, you should know how to fix a treadmill belt that is folded to your fitness equipment. To prevent your belt from being damaged, you should not use the belt directly on the flooring. It is better for you to leave the belt on the table or the surface of the gym. In addition, you should avoid putting heavy objects on the belt such as the balls or basketballs.


To fix a fold treadmill, you need to determine the problems caused by the damage. Then, you can take the help of professionals to fix the problem. The first thing that you should do is to find out the causes of the damage. You have to check all parts of the belt that may have become loose due to wear. For example, the chain may have come loose. In addition, the pulleys and the wheel may also have bent.


The next step is to remove the treadmill from the working position. Then, you should disconnect the belt from the rollers or the wheels. As the belt is being removed, you should turn it slowly. Otherwise, you may bend or twist the belt. So, you should wear safety shoes to protect your feet.


After the belt has been taken out from the working position, you should roll the treadmill slowly back in its original position. It is easier for you to achieve this result if you place a rubber mat between the belt and the surface. Moreover, you have to adjust or change the speed to match the belt's speed. If you do not find any problems with this step, then you can continue the process.


The third step on how to fix a folded treadmill belt is to check whether there is some dirt on the belt. For this, you should wipe the entire belt with a soft cloth. Make sure that the dirt does not touch the belt components such as the rollers or the wheels. Then, you should clean the belt with a brush. In order to maintain the belt in good condition, it is recommended to use heavy duty cleaning fluid.


The final step on how to fix a folded treadmill belt is to store the belt. If there is no belt storage solution, you can wrap the belt in a towel. However, you should be careful in doing so as the belt might be damaged if the towel is ripped by the fasteners. In addition, you should wrap the belt in plastic shopping bags in order to keep the belt dry and away from moisture.